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National IDs for US/UK

Remember that a wall can keep people in as easily as it can keep people out. In the same way convenience is a bottleneck that works both as an enabler and a restricter. The US and UK are both expanding their national ID systems to allow more organizations to tap into them and to use […]

Global Border Biometrics Increase

The beast system must be able to control people everywhere: a person’s finance, a person’s buying, a person’s movement. There are an increasing number of countries enforcing border biometrics, and what happens at the national border will ultimately happen between states in the U.S. and other countries of the globe, much less cities. Watch for […]

Leader Beast Mindset

This is an interesting article about how a leader can formulate bias against an entire population of people based on partial perceptions. It’s the same type of mindset we will see in the beast man when he comes to power. The Scripture calls only two different people in Scripture by the term “son of perdition.” […]

The religious leader demands the death of non-conformists

When the beast comes on the scene, he is supported by a religious leader known as “another beast” (Revelation 13:11-18). It is this religious leader that has power to cause anyone who will not take the mark of the first beast to be killed. Yes. The religious leader is the one. 15And he [the religious […]

The Destruction of Damascus is Important: Now Russia is Involved

Russia and Syria joined forces to perform military drills on 6/7/2022. This is important because a prophecy exists that may not specifically be a beast-system step, but that must happen before the return of Jesus, and that is the destruction of Damascus. Isaiah 17:1 states: The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from […]

World Health Organization (WHO) Assigns Peace to Global Healthcare

Continuing to show its global control mindset, the WHO has expressed that peace is a byproduct of global health for everyone1. Pay attention to the healthcare process: as I’ve noted before, it’s the one universal focus with which every country has an ability join in agreement. After all, who does not want their people to […]

Norway Enters the Beast System

Norway entered the beast system May 6, 2022 as it revealed its plans to continue and expand the capturing of all consumer spending at the purchased-item level so that it can track food-item level consumption of households and blend that with their medical expense data and other data, even including chiropractic services1. Here is an […]

Opioids and The Beast System

I was very interested when reading this story1 from the country of Canada. It seems they are going to allow opioids as legal drugs in “small” quantities. As you should already know from watching the devolution of our nation, the use of “medical marijuana” is only a gateway to further legalized drug use and revenues […]

World Health Organization (WHO) Global Data Efforts

When I see health statistics that feed the beast system narrative, I want to present them. In this report today, WHO notes that the global affect of Covid is ~>6M deaths out of ~>522M total confirmed cases from October 2019 through May 20221. That makes the death rate 1.15% and the survival rate 98.85% for […]

Biometrics to Buy Groceries.

Currently released in Brazil by MasterCard, you pay with facial recognition, finger print recognition and palm recognition. The article states it is scheduled for further release in Asia. 1 The Beast System Applied Scripture is plain to state that the financial beast system must have control of all buying and selling. The book of the […]

Biometric Permissions for Cryptocurrency Buys and Sells

Have you seen Bill Gates patent request numbered WO202060606? Eerily numbered, this patent intends to take the market segment where your body itself becomes the passkey to prove who you are and to further authorize cryptocurrency transactions. You can read the patent application here in sources below1. The Beast System Applied The patent states that […]

Digital IDs for Home Purchases?

In this article, we see digital IDs becoming more prevalent in the housing market: with facial and biometric recognition, you can prove your identity to your bank and transact business on your new home.1 The Beast System Applied In Revelation 13:16-17 we read: 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, […]

What Will We Learn from Monkey Pox?

Belgium is the first country to enforce lockdowns for it: 21-day, self-imposed at this point…but will it stay that way given the taste of power that many in governments experienced before? The new global issue is being framed as Monkey Pox (similar to small pox: aches, fever, open sores, spread by touch and not by […]