World Health Organization (WHO) Global Data Efforts

When I see health statistics that feed the beast system narrative, I want to present them. In this report today, WHO notes that the global affect of Covid is ~>6M deaths out of ~>522M total confirmed cases from October 2019 through May 20221. That makes the death rate 1.15% and the survival rate 98.85% for the total Covid experience thus far. In my last post about WHO and the beast system, I noted that health concerns are a prime place for government control and unity, and the features of this global health event are fascinating.

You will need to do your own research to compare these statistics to other global phenomena. However, my observation about the data systems inspired and created around this issue are purely systemic as I consider the global change based on the above stats:

  • There are nearly 8 billion people in the world as of the writing of this post3
  • The question isn’t justification, but merely noting that in response to a mortality rate of 1.15%1 global markets have been dramatically altered, people imprisoned for failure to comply with health demands, sales of good refused to those refusing health demands, jobs terminated, refusal to hire based on health demands, governmental health codes dramatically reconfigured to allow for legal tracking of individuals, governmental financial debt massively accrued and all toward one end: to establish methods to monitor, report and control individuals for this and future health issues. If this happened at 1.15% mortality, what will happen at a higher level of mortality such as MonkeyPox that has a 3-6% mortality rate5.
  • Nearly every nation on the planet responded to the phenomena — it was truly global4
  • Even as lives are returning to normal, governments are finding ways to collect data at a global scale for vaccination compliance by individual for a WHO central database2

All these observations support the beast system narrative for instantaneous identification, restriction and control by use of a global centralized database and network.





4 — Add the CSSE covid19 overlay to see