Opioids and The Beast System

I was very interested when reading this story1 from the country of Canada. It seems they are going to allow opioids as legal drugs in “small” quantities. As you should already know from watching the devolution of our nation, the use of “medical marijuana” is only a gateway to further legalized drug use and revenues for interested parties. Further, these lead to heavier drug use as we are continuing to observe in the new 2023 laws of Canada.

The Beast System Applied

As I’ve noted before, I’ve always suspected that the medical system will be part of the beast system because of the universality of the cause: nearly every nation in the world (possibly every nation in the world) will combine in unity against a health cause. In this case, I see the dumbing down of a nation to accept pleasure at the hands of the government. In Canada, the government is now becoming, in my humble opinion, a drug pusher. They are saying it is legal, they are embracing the use of addictive drugs, they are increasing the death toll by doing so, and by increasing their control over revenues and taxation, they are also increasing the ability to withhold addictive substances, furthering their control in the lives of individuals who will become addicted and “need” the substance. Imagine the future conversation, “…you can only get your cocaine if you have the mark.”

It would behoove us to watch for patterns of government control veiled as freedoms that can then be used as nooses at a later date.


1 https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/opioid-crisis-bc-canada-1.6471878